The road to recovery starts here.

Injury, illness, surgery, and numerous other conditions can all have serious effects on your mobility and limit you from performing your normal day to day activities. A Physical Therapist (PT) from Golden Age Home Health Care will perform an assessment of your mobility and overall functional status in your home and work with you to develop individual goals to overcome your deficits and maximize your potential. Your treatment plan is designed to help you achieve the highest level of independence in mobility and day to day activities.

Some of the activities that a Physical Therapist can help you with in your home include:

  • Increasing strength and endurance for safer mobility
  • Increasing balance and coordination
  • Fall prevention and learning to safely navigate through your home
  • Increasing joint movements & range of motion
  • Safe use of assistive devices
  • Pain management
  • Home exercise programs
  • Pre-Operative Care and Post-Operative Care
  • Recovery from joint replacements
  • Proper body mechanics to prevent injury
  • Energy conservation

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